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Was versteht man unter Whistleblower?

Was versteht man unter Whistleblower?

Ein Whistleblower (im deutschen Sprachraum zunehmend auch Hinweisgeber, Enthüller oder Aufdecker) ist der Anglizismus für eine Person, die für die Öffentlichkeit wichtige Informationen aus einem geheimen oder geschützten Zusammenhang veröffentlicht.

How are whistleblowers protected by the law?

Whistleblowers are protected by UK law if they report a criminal offence, a health and safety violation, risk or damage to the environment, or a miscarriage of justice. They are also protected if they believe someone is covering up wrongdoing.

Who can be a whistleblower?

A whistleblower is an employee who reports on his employer, or someone who reports an organization or agency, for its participation in an illegal or otherwise illicit activity. While such a person is often a current or former employee of the company or organization, it may be someone with a different connection.

How to be a whistleblower?

Try to resolve the problem using internal channels first. First things first: Figure out if there’s a way problem-solve on a lower level.

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  • Be specific. Before taking action,make sure you know what you’re doing.
  • Stay off social media. And don’t post a status update about your grievances.
  • Gather evidence. Next,get the facts. “If a whistleblower calls me and says ‘here’s this story I’m going to tell you about this incredible conspiracy that’s going on inside my
  • Don’t gather too much evidence. Leave the flashlight and the Hefty bags at home. As Marshall points out,an employee has to act reasonably.
  • Consult with a lawyer. You can do this at any stage of the process,and Marshall recommends seeking out an attorney before you take any action so you can protect
  • Which protects whistleblowers from retaliation?

    Whistleblower Retaliation. The Minnesota Whistleblower Act, Minnesota Statutes § 181.932, protects employees from whistleblower retaliation by their employer if they report, or refuse to engage in, illegal conduct. The Whistleblower Act protects all employees in Minnesota and applies to all employers with one or more employees.

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