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Wie viele Stadte mit mehr als 10 Millionen Einwohner gibt es in China?

Wie viele Städte mit mehr als 10 Millionen Einwohner gibt es in China?

Als Megacities werden Städte mit mindestens 10 Millionen Einwohnern bezeichnet….China: Die zehn größten Städte im Jahr 2019 (in Millionen Einwohner)

Merkmal Einwohner in Millionen
Shanghai 21,02
Peking 18,43
Shenzhen 12,99
Guangzhou 12,87

What was China called before it was called China?

Rather, the country was called by the name of the dynasty, such as “ Han “ (漢), “ Tang “ (唐), “ Great Ming “ (Da Ming 大明), “ Great Qing “ (Da Qing 大清), as the case might be. Until the 19th century when the international system came to require a common legal language, there was no need for a fixed or unique name.

What is the capital of China called?

Beijing (Peking), the capital of the People’s Republic, is also the cultural, economic, and communications centre of the country. Shanghai is the main industrial city; Hong Kong is the leading commercial centre and port. ChinaEncyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

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What is mainland China called around the world?

“ Mainland China “ is used to refer to areas under the jurisdiction of the PRC, usually excluding Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau . There are also names for China used around the world that are derived from the languages of ethnic groups other than the Han; examples include “ Cathay “ from the Khitan language and „Tabgach“ from Tuoba .

What do you call the People’s Republic of China?

People’s Republic of China. This term is also sometimes used by writers outside mainland China. The PRC was known to many in the West during the Cold War as “ Communist China “ or „Red China“ to distinguish it from the Republic of China which is commonly called „Taiwan“, „Nationalist China“ or „Free China“.